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Direct Mailing

reaching every home, every address, every time

Made possible with Every Door Direct Mail by

Now, you have an easy, cost-effective way to get your marketing messages to the customers that matter most. With Every Door Direct Mail service, you can reach every address in the neighborhoods near your business. A Letter Carrier takes your printed piece to every home while delivering the day’s mail. You don’t even need to know the names or street addresses. Simply pick out the neighborhoods you want to reach for every-address coverage.

Business across the country are using EDDM service. The U.S. Postal Service created EDDM to simplify how businesses market to their community. Here are some of the reasons local merchants and franchisees are making it a key part of their marketing efforts:

  • Postage as low as 14.5¢ per piece.

  • A flexible range of sizes - create an oversize mailing to tell a detailed story or a small piece for a quick sales announcement.

  • Easy to include coupons, photos, menus, event calendars, and more.

  • Many printers are experienced with EDDM and can help you from start to finish.

Businesses benefiting from Every Door Direct Mail:

  • Bath Max, a bathtub remodeling service, saw a big lift in store traffic and sales - so much so that after initially mailing only 1,000 pieces with EDDM, they started sending nearly 80,000. “It’s really working for us,” said owner Mark Smith. “The program is really bringing us some good leads.”

  • Cochiaro’s Pizza sent oversized postcards with coupons, and owner Mike Cochiaro credits EDDM with helping generate a 12% boost in business. “I really like this program,” he said. “The response rate was terrific and the percentage of return is phenomenal.”

  • Quick Credit sent mailings to select areas within a 10-mile radius. According to office manager Kevin Dover, EDDM “has helped my office generate about twice as many new customers as we did before.”

Or, if you are planning a targeted mailing campaign, consider having us prepare your mail, in most cases we will save you more then what we charge.

Automation Discounts: Automation discounts are very similar to presorted discounts but offer even greater savings of an additional 3-6 cents. Automation discounts CANNOT be achieved from hand labeling or without special software, so if you are planning of doing a mailing yourself consider having us prepare your mail In most cases we will save you more then what we charge. Regular First Class mail is usually 44 cents. Automated Standard Mail is typically 13.5 to 23.9 cents.

Drop Shipments: (DDU) When standard mail is entered at 1 or multiple specific post offices, postage can be lowered and delivery time shortened. When it's applicable the savings usually covers the shipping costs and delivery time can be cut up to 2 weeks. We can provide this for you speedily.

Inkjet Addressing: Instead of labeling, we print the address directly on the mail piece. Your mailer gets a more personalized look and feel.

Mailing Lists:

  • Business - Select by Business Type, Sales, Number of Employees, Geography, Credit Rating, and more.

  • Consumer Lists - Over 250 million consumers out there. List can include names, age, income, gender, and mail order responsiveness. Our Consumer lists goes through extensive cleansing techniques for high deliverability.

  • New Home Owners – With this list you can mail to people that have just moved in their house in the last month, 3 months or even 1 year.All addresses are qualified before they enter into the database.
Get a list by either a RADIUS from any given point, ZIP CODES or CARRIER ROUTES within. Get the list walk sequenced to GET THE MOST DISCOUNTS POSSIBLE.

Mail Design: At no extra charge, we will help you design your mail piece to avoid postal surcharges. Image Impressions is the best at designing letters, inserts, postcards and envelopes. Our PROFESSIONAL ART DEPARTMENT can design your piece, and give your mail the look that you want. WE ARE THE BEST!

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